The patients in your care trust that you’ll deliver the most accurate test results possible. Here’s the new possible…

Pro-QCP™: A Process Approach to Ensuring POCT Accuracy

Pro-QCP is a first-of-its-kind web utility that:

  • Provides expert, step-by-step guidance to develop a more effective quality program.
  • Leverages your data more effectively to better detect and prevent diagnostic errors.
  • Suggests process controls specific to your situation to improve accuracy.
  • Streamlines ISO 15189 compliance and ensures successful regulatory inspections.
  • Allows you to benefit from the experience of other labs using the same test system.

With a focus on risk mitigation, process improvement, and data-sharing, Pro-QCP will significantly advance your current quality control plan…

  • Pro-QCP facilitates an expert guided, comprehensive risk assessment of your entire test process, identifying sources of error throughout and suggesting proven mitigation measures

  • Pro-QCP employs machine learning (AI) to capture, track, and mine your historical data more effectively

  • Pro-QCP delivers a superior, inspection-ready Individualized Quality Control Plan that is CLSI, CLIA, CAP, TJC and ISO compliant

  • Pro-QCP implements a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process, identifying additional process controls – specific for your lab – that can mitigate error

  • Pro-QCP is an effective on-boarding utility and ensures that an effective quality control plan is in place, right from the start

  • Pro-QCP informs the content of your training program and competency assessments for maximum effectiveness

  • Pro-QCP will provide inter-lab performance comparisons, allowing you to compare your quality metrics to other labs

  • Pro-QCP allows you to benefit from the vast experience of other labs:

    •   Real-time risk alerts

    •   Proven risk mitigation measures

    •   Expert advice 

    •   Access to ‘best-in-class’ procedures

    •   Notification of FDA recalls, performance issues, reagent backorders

      In summary, Pro-QCP will optimize your most important workflow: delivering accurate test results

Zero Risk Offer

We want to demonstrate Pro-QCP’s value to you, your lab, your patients, and your organization. For a limited time, CarePoint will provide your first Pro-QCP subscription at NO-CHARGE… a $3995 value.

Why so generous??? We believe that once you see Pro-QCP’s expansive content and comprehensive process, once you gain access to the actionable information that Pro-QCP can deliver, you’ll be compelled to purchase modules specific to each of your POCT platforms.

Check out this 5-minute video to get a peek under the hood… or better yet, access your FREE annual subscription right now and put Pro-QCP right to work for your patients.

Pro-QCP supports major diagnostic platforms, including….

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CarePoint Solutions?

Founded in 2012, CarePoint Solutions designs, develops and commercializes products that improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic testing.

CarePoint’s Software Division is focused on leveraging information technology and developing new approaches to quality management that drive efficiencies, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes. 

The company’s flagship product, Pro-QCP represents a first-of-its-kind software solution that helps ensure regulatory compliance and implements a continuous quality improvement process for in vitro diagnostic testing. 

Visit for more information.

Which diagnostic tests are supported?

CarePoint is expediting the release of Pro-QCP risk assessment modules for over 300 diagnostic platforms, including all major COVID tests.

How flexible is the program?

The program is easy to navigate, keeps track of your progress and allows you to develop IQCP’s at your own pace. Modules are broken down into logical sections to facilitate a step-by-step process.

How will it help me?
  • Pro-QCP takes you step-by-step through a comprehensive risk assessment of your entire test process, and documents that for accreditation inspections
  • Based on clinical benchmark studies, Pro-QCP will save you up to 50 hours when preparing each individualized quality control plan (IQCP) – almost pays for itself in immediate time savings alone
  • Pro-QCP standardizes your QA measures and IQCP’s across test platforms, locations, and throughout your healthcare system
  • Pro-QCP will identify sources of error in your unique test process and location
  • Pro-QCP will suggest proven practices that can mitigate risks and errors
  • Pro-QCP will assess and document your entire test process, from specimen collection through posting patient results to generate a comprehensive and inspection-ready IQCP
  • Pro-QCP’s data-driven, outcomes oriented approach will raise confidence in patient test results and drive down-stream efficiencies and economies throughout your healthcare delivery system
  • Pro-QCP delivers actionable information to support your continuous quality improvement program
Can I buy Pro-QCP modules with a credit card or purchase order?

You can subscribe to Pro-QCP with a credit card, check, or purchase order – and gain immediate access to the program.

What if I am dissatisfied with my purchase?

When we say we mitigate risks, we really mean it!  If you are not completely satisfied with Pro-QCP, cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do I need to install IQCP software or have a special computer to use Pro-QCP?

If your computer, tablet or phone is connected to the Internet you have everything you need and can use Pro-QCP without installing any software.

 Still have questions? Talk to us.