About CarePoint Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 2012, CarePoint Solutions designs, develops and commercializes products that improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic testing.

With medical errors now the number #3 cause of fatalities in the US, and with diagnostic error associated with a majority of those errors, healthcare providers have a moral, ethical, legal, and financial responsibility to improve testing processes to ensure quality outcomes. CarePoint Solutions is dedicated to delivering the tools and resources needed by healthcare providers to accomplish this goal.

CarePoint’s QA Software Division is focused on leveraging information technology and developing new approaches to quality management that drive efficiencies, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes. 

The company’s flagship product, Pro-QCP represents a first-of-its-kind software solution that helps ensure regulatory compliance and implements a continuous quality improvement process for in vitro diagnostic testing.

CarePoint’s QC Controls Division develops and commercializes innovative quality control solutions that are more effective at error detection and increase the reliability of diagnostic test results. CarePoint’s current focus is on coagulation, blood lead, blood gas/electrolyte/metabolite and glucose quality control solutions. 

Meet the Team



Bill Donohue

The founding of CarePoint Solutions is the culmination of a 30-year diagnostic career for Bill, and is his fourth successful company launch in the diagnostics QC market.  Throughout his career, Bill has conceived and commercialized quality control products that have become standards for critical care and point-of-care testing. 

Director of Software Product Development

Lisa Durish, BS MT

During her 20-year career as a Medical Technologist, Lisa has worked in a variety of hospital laboratory settings, including as a Point of Care Coordinator in a large university hospital environment and in a multi-facility health system. Lisa graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint,

Manager, Clinical Product Development

Susie Scoggins, MT

Susie has over thirty years of experience working in the clinical laboratory setting. She has worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, the Samaritan Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Phoenix, the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix as a Point of Care Coordinator and Test Development specialist, and most recently as a POCC at Banner Healthcare in Tucson.

Senior Product Specialist

Rick Lebo, BS MT

Rick brings over thirty years experience in clinical chemistry and point of care testing, serving key roles in both hospital and industry.  During his 20 years of service at GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER, Danville, PA, Rick was on the front lines of Point of Care Testing and helped establish many of the clinical practices and standards that underpin the industry today.

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