So there you have it…

Welcome to my rather extraordinary world. If you feel the magic, then by all means, please check things out!

I’m only sending this invitation to folks that I care about. So if you received an invite, know you are loved. And know too that I respect you and our relationship and I would never hold any decision not to participate against you.  I know everyone’s situation is different. This is just an exceptional opportunity that I am excited to share with you, and after that, my job is done (and I can go back to my day job!). 

If you just want to check out this cool ‘flying machine’ we’ve built, you’re more than welcome to kick the tires, flap the wings, and fire up the engine. I think you’ll agree, it’s flight-worthy and ready for take off.

Provide me with your email address and I’ll share some info to give you an overview and get you up to speed quickly. Also, I’m planning to host some Zoom calls in the near future and will send you an invite via email. I’m also happy to jump on a call with you anytime, to discuss the company, our products, the opportunity, and the convertible notes we’re issuing as an investment vehicle. 

All that I ask is that you follow your heart, and if you do come in, be sure that’s it’s something you’re totally excited about. And then get psyched!

Thanks guys! Love you all.


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